SPOKANE, Wash. Spokane Public Schools started on time on Monday. Road conditions caused some buses to run late.

The principal at Moran Prairie Elementary said the challenge created by a late bus schedule is worth it to keep students safe. He said teachers do their best to keep the students on track for the rest of the day.

Buses for elementary and middle schools were delayed 30 minutes to one hour Monday morning because of the road conditions. The schools stayed on their regular schedule.

If they have to run the buses late to get kids here safely, then it's worth it, said Moran Prairie Elementary Principal Mark Gorman.

Leaders at Moran Prairie Elementary explained that it is not easy to delay the entire school when families are not able to find someone to drop off students later in the morning.

I think it would be difficult for parents to learn at the last minute and have to make accommodations for kids, said Dr. Gorman.

It can create distraction and keep some kids behind in class when some students arrive on time and others show up when the buses make it to school.

Our teachers do an amazing job of adjusting their day to accommodating the needs of their students, said Dr. Gorman.

Principal Gorman added the teachers can work with those kids later in the day to make sure all students are on the same page. He said it is a price they are willing to pay to make sure everyone gets to school without any trouble.

It's a great trade off to make sure kids are safe and we can always catch kids up after the fact, said Dr. Gorman.

Less than one fourth of all students in the district need to ride the buses.

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