SPOKANE, Wash. -- A Spokane County judge ruled Friday afternoon to allow evidence found at a murder scene in Nine Mile Falls. The defense fought to suppress the evidence because of the time listed on law enforcement s warrant.

Hart is accused of killing Regan Jolley by strangling her and then dumping her body into a tub of acid. Court documents showed that Hart was fascinated with the show Breaking Bad in which a character's body is dissolved in a bathtub full of acid. Officials said that they found a DVD of the show with that particular episode in Hart's DVDplayer when they searched his home.

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Several law enforcement witnesses were called to the stand on Friday to defend why they entered the garage where Jolley was found without a search warrant. The defense said that it was an unlawful move, but the prosecution stated that they needed to ensure that the victim was dead.

It's hard because I see regan as a beautiful woman and what I found was not Regan, said Dean Settle, a friend of Jason Hart who allegedly found Jolley's body in the tub of acid.

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Officials said that deputies did in fact have a search warrant, but defense claimed that the deputies had gone inside two hours before the warrant was in hand. The State showed no urgent matter that could not have waited for the few minutes it would have taken to secure a warrant. Officials said there was no exception to the warrant requirement and the search was unlawful.

The prosecution fired back, saying that circumstances existed that compelled deputies to see if Regan Jolley was alive or dead, or if there were other victims or if the killer was about. The deputies' search of the garage was limited to trying to determine exactly that, according to prosecutors.

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