SPOKANE, Wash.-- Two teenagers accused of beating to death an 88-year-old World War II Veteran in August pleaded not guilty in court Thursday.

Court documents said Demetrius Glenn, 16, and Kenan Adams-Kinard, 16, attacked Delbert Belton in the Eagle s Lodge parking lot on the night of August 21. Investigators think the teens were trying to rob the victim.

Glenn and Adams-Kinard face First Degree Robbery and First Degree Murder charges.

Friends and family of both suspects packed the court as Glenn and Adams-Kinard entered not guilty pleas.

The kid writes a letter to his mom admitting this crap, and now they're saying not guilty? That's bull, said one of Delbert Belton s friends who also showed up to court.

Supporters of the teens told KREM 2 News they will support the boys until they end.

Belton's friends said they could empathize with them but also said the drug allegations the suspects made against the victim were infuriating.

I d stand by my kid no matter what he did but I wouldn't drag someone else's name through the freaking mud either, said one friend. To me, they're just looking for an out and it ain t going to happen.

Both Adams-Kinard and Glenn have criminal records on file in Spokane County Superior Court.
Kenan Adams-Kinard pleaded guilty to theft and fourth degree assault after authorities said he stole a cell phone out of a woman s lap on an STA bus in May. He served just over one month for the theft and paid the victim $400.

According to court documents, Glenn pleaded guilty to an assault and riot charge in January. The attack was reported in September 2011. Investigators said Glenn and several other individuals attacked a teenage boy at Rochester Park in Northeast Spokane. Glenn admitted he hit the boy with a stick, which one witness described as having a nail attached to the end. It was Glenn s first juvenile conviction. He did not serve any time for the attack.

Glenn was also due in court in September on a misdemeanor malicious mischief charge for allegedly damaging a garage door last February.

Prosecutors said the Delbert Belton murder case would trump any future court dates for other cases involving either Adams-Kinard or Glenn.

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