PORTLAND Although the Northwest has experienced a particularly hot summer, one long-trusted source predicted a cold, snowy winter across the country.

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The New Hampshire-based Old Farmer s Almanac said a drop in solar activity and a change in ocean patterns should make for a colder-than-average winter with higher snowfalls across most of the U.S., including the Northwest.

Background: Almanac says get ready for colder, snowier days

The Old Farmer s Almanac has been predicting weather annually for more than 220 years. The latest edition was released Tuesday.

KGW Meteorologist Rod Hill said the current hot summer weather should stick around in the Portland metro area at least through September, but the warmer temps don t predict winter weather conditions.

In my opinion, August and September are simply too early to have great confidence in what the Pacific and Mother Nature have in store for Old Man Winter, Hill said.

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