BOISE - Boise Fire officials say on a day when the nation remembers emergency responders who died in the attacks on September 11, they are releasing video from the fire where several Boise firefighters narrowly escaped.

The fire happened on August 1 in the Hill Road and N. Collister Drive area. A passerby noticed the flames and called 911 around 9:30 p.m.

Firefighters say the three story, 5,000-square-foot home was being remodeled and no one was inside when the fire started. However, they say flames spread very quickly because sheet rock was missing in places inside the home.

Boise Fire says within 15 minutes of crews arriving on scene, there was concern that the home was going to collapse and firefighters could be in danger.

As they were making an attack on the original fire, we had a collapse and a mayday call, and actually had to do a roll call to get the crews out, said Boise Fire Chief Dennis Doan.

He says a supervisor on scene made what's known as a mayday call to get everyone back.

He was quite nervous, Doan said. He saw the walls start to bow out and yelled to his crews 'We need to get back, we need to get out!' They did, but when they came back, they were worried one person was missing, so it was pretty intense for a little bit as they did a roll call.

Fortunately, all the firefighters were accounted for.

Boise Fire investigators say they are not able to determine the cause of a massive fire that caused a Boise home to collapse last month.

Click the play icon above to watch the incredible video of the fire fight and house collapse from the helmet cam of one of the firefighters. To see it on the app, go to the video tab.

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