SEATTLE - The mayor and interim police chief will unveil new plans to prevent crime in an announcement scheduled Thursday afternoon. City leaders are expected to add resources and support to improve safety in Seattle neighborhoods.

After a Metro bus driver was shot and hurt on Monday, Mayor Mike McGinn and a police chief reassured the community that violent crime had dropped significantly. But our newspaper partner, The Seattle Times, crunched the numbers and found police beat report numbers don't reflect that claim.

Instead, the level of violent crime has been holding steady with spikes in the summertime.

On average, there were 80 incidents per month over the past 5 years in the retail core, with noticeable spikes during the summertime.

This July there were 119 incidents in four downtown police beats. That's the highest number for a single month in the past five years.

The mayor told The Seattle Times that if one focuses on certain beats, there will be fluctuations. He added that the city tries to assign police resources to hot spots.

The news conference is scheduled at City Hall on 600 4th Avenue in Seattle at 1:30 p.m.

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