BOISE -- A local family is opening up about their daughter and sister, who police say was in a scooter crash, and then dumped on a south Boise driveway. Mirika Bideganeta is now fighting for her life at Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center in Boise.

Mirika's mother, Sandy Bideganeta, said she was in hysterics when she got the call that her daughter had been in a crash, and was in a coma. Her whole world has crumbled now, and we don't even know whether she's going to be able to care for her boys.

Boise Police say Mirika was riding with 22-year-old Thomas MacFarlane when they crashed early Sunday morning. They say MacFarlane carried Mirika two blocks from the crash site before leaving her on a driveway, bleeding profusely from the head. Four hours later, Mirika was found and rushed to the hospital.

I can forgive certain parts of what has happened. We all make mistakes, said Sandy. The part I can't forgive is that he hauled her out of there, and took her, and basically tried to hide her. Whether he thought she was deceased, or whether he was just scared and disposed of her, I can't forgive that.

Sandy says Mirika had just moved to the Treasure Valley with her three boys from Pocatello and had just gotten her dream job at a salon.

As Mirika recovers, she's been able to open an eye and seemingly try to chew. Sandy says Mirika still has a long road ahead of her, but that her doctors are already impressed with her progress. She's strong. We raised her to be a strong girl. And there are times we sometimes regretted that. But, it's going to get her through this.

Two of Mirika's friends, Chelsie Perez and Ryan Sigman, are coordinating donations to help their friend. They've setup a web page at They've also setup a fund at Idaho Central Credit Union, called 'Miracles for Mirika.' And they'll also be taking donations at the XFS event Friday night at CenturyLink Arena.

The salon Mirika works at, Two Rivers, is having a fundraiser this Saturday. They're taking donations, donating all their tips, and management is matching those tips.

MacFarlane is still in the Ada County Jail, charged with the felony leaving the scene of an accident that resulted in injury. His next court date is July 19.

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