AIRWAY HEIGHTS, Wash. -- Authorities are investigating a second staff member at the Airway Heights Correction Facility for sexual misconduct with an inmate. Court documents confirmed the new details about the investigation on Wednesday.

Airway Heights police filed the court documents which said the employee, Siri A. Crain, is accused of having phone sex with an inmate on more than on occasion.

Officers said the inmate made at least 92 calls to a number which investigators believe belongs to Crain. Investigators stated that they listened to phone calls made by the inmate to an unidentified woman.

The 29-year-old employee is the supervisor of the textile area of the prison. She could face felony charges for Custodial Sexual Misconduct in the 1st Degree.

Documents stated that a tip on April 23rd led police to start investigation.

Officers searched Crain s vehicle but were unable to find the phone she used in the allegedly sexual conversations. Police also searched her luggage. Authorities eventually found two pictures of the victims and a Samsung phone according to the documents.

Authorizes searched the inmates belongings and found three nude photos according to court documents. The inmate was later moved to segregation.

The Spokane County Prosecutor recently filed charges against a former Airway Heights Corrections Facility sex therapist. Sarah Brooks faces three founds of 2st Degree Custodial Sexual Misconduct. Officers said she had an inappropriate relationship with an inmate.

A staff member claimed to have found Brooks undressed in a room with a sex offender. Brooks told authorities that she and the inmate were in love according to court documents. Brooks is no longer a prison employee.

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