PORTLAND -- A recent study of the best U.S. states to retire ranked Oregon in 51st place (Washington D.C. was included).

The research was compiled by banking website Rather than including the number of beaches, lakes or golf courses, this list considered cost of living, crime rates, taxes, medical care and average annual temperatures.

With the 15th-highest cost of living and an average annual temperature of 48.77 degrees, Oregon came in last. Tennessee topped the list, with the second-lowest cost of living and and average of 57.94 degrees.

Oregon had fewer hospital beds per 1,000 people, but more doctors per 100,000 people, the study concluded. Oregon had a lower crime rate than Tennessee, but higher tax rates.

Louisiana and South Dakota were second and third on the list for best retirement options. Just above Oregon were Alaska (in 50th place) and Washington (in 49th).

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