A woman who went public with her fight with melanoma, calling for stricter laws for tanning bed salons in Washington and Oregon, has passed away.

Ashley Trenner died at 5 a.m. on March 15 at home, just two months shy of what would have been her 41st birthday. Her parents, Bob and Karen, said they were both holding her hands when she died.

Trenner was first diagnosed with melanoma more than seven years ago at age 33. She had started tanning as a teen. After her diagnosis, she actively campaigned to bring awareness to the dangers of tanning salons.

She was joined in February by her doctor, renowned OHSUcancer physician Brian Druker, in calling for tighter rules in Oregon for teens to use tanning salons.

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She also spoke with KGW in 2011 about the dangers of tanning bed use after being diagnosed with malignant melanoma.

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She had a message in her last interview with KGW several weeks ago.

I paid. I paid money to be in the position I am now, she said. It wasn't just like I wanted to be tan. I was literally paying someone to get this terrible disease that's killing me. That is killing me. Terminal.

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