PACIFIC, Wash. -- Pacific Mayor Cy Sun is at it again.

Two weeks ago he suspended Police Chief John Calkins and Lt. Edwin Massey for unspecified charges of harassment. On Friday, just hours after a city review board said Sun didn't follow protocol in their suspensions and allowed the men to return to their posts, Sun refused to turn over the keys to their offices, effectively locking them out of their jobs.

I just want to do my job, said Massey.

Massey says when he approached Sun at City Hall to get his keys back, the mayor refused. Massey came back a second time, armed with the order from Pacific s Civil Service Commission allowing him to return to work.

He told me that he did not approve my return and that he would not let me back in, said Massey. Then he walked out.

A call to Mayor Sun has not been returned.

In another development Friday, the interim police chief named by Sun earlier this week has now backed out.

Annette Spicuzza was chief of the UC Davis Police Department during an ugly incident several years ago where peaceful protesters were pepper sprayed while sitting outside a campus building. The incident sparked national outrage and forced Spicuzza to resign.

In an email to KING 5 s Elisa Hahn, Spicuzza said, The issues at the City of Pacific are deep seeded. As a result, it has prevented my appointment and assistance to the Police Department.

Sun has been at the center of controversy since being elected in 2012. He fired a slew of city workers in the name of reform, and at one point was arrested by his own police officers for trying to break in to the city clerk s office.

In this latest incident, Lt. Massey did get into his office with a key held by another city official. The drama could play out again on Monday, however, when Chief Calkins returns to work, as he will have to get his keys from the mayor as well.

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