KELSO,Wash. -- Investigators said someone threw a plastic bottle filled with antifreeze over a family's fence, along with nearly two dozen pieces of meat laced with glass.

Bob Elder found the items early last Thursday morning while letting his four dogs out.

They're like our second kids, he said, We dodged a big bullet this time.

Luckily he pulled the dogs away before they could take a bite.

This would have killed them, said Cowlitz County animal control supervisor Mike Nicholson. In all my years I've never seen anything like this. Taking the time to put the glass into it, that's time consuming. Who does that?

Elder said it may be a disgruntled ex-boyfriend of someone who used to live in his house. Authroities paid that man a visit.

He says, 'Get off my property unless you have a warrant. so we have no leads, said Nicholson.

But that is not sitting well with this family. If he's willing to do it to us, he's willing to do it to other people, added Elder.

He planned to put in motion detector lights and cameras.

The Humane Society hoped someone would come forward with a lead. If caught, this person faces a felony animal cruelty charge.

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