While most sports fans were prepping for Super Bowl parties on Sunday, a small group of enthusiasists joined developers and data crunchers to change the way we follow sports.

Nearly 120 Sports Hack Day participants in 20 teams spent the weekend hacking sports-themed projects. Projects fell into two main categories: apps for web, mobile, tablet, etc., or a data visualization, infographic, or other insight.

All the work was to be finished and presented before the game Sunday.

Startup Seattle organized the event that started Friday at 5:30 p.m. at Hub Seattle in Pioneer Square.

App ideas ranged from one that showed which athletes are on performance-enhancing drugs, to an app that predicts what play will happen next.

The hackathon ended with a group Super Bowl viewing party Sunday afternoon.

Sponsors for the event include Google, Adobe, ESPNDeveloper Center, and Amazon Web Services.

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