NORAD scrambled Oregon fighter jets to escort an Alaska Airlines flight from Kona, Hawaii, to Sea-Tac Airport after receiving a call the flight was potentially the target of a hijacking. But there was a possibility the call may have been a hoax.

FBI officials said their Honolulu field office received a call suggesting there was a threat to Alaska Air Flight 819 and that an individual on board was going to hijack the plane, according to NBC. Fighter jets from the Oregon National Guard flew alongside the flight until it landed in Seattle around 7 p.m.

FBI agents and Port of Seattle police escorted a man off the plane without incident and detained him for questioning.

But according to NBC sources, the man had slept through most of the flight and the crew on board said nothing out of the ordinary happened during the flight and they were never in any danger. He was reportedly cooperating with officials.

FBI officials said there was no danger at Sea-Tac Airport either.

More to follow.

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