SPOKANE, Wash. -- A Spokane man says he s upset because someone stole the American flag from his front yard.

Greg Carman started flying the flag upside-down as a silent protest two weeks ago.

The veteran calls it a sign of distress.

I had been flying the flag upside-down in protest of a lot of the political things, not just the presidential race. Many things have happened, and I have the right to do that under the First Amendment, Carman said.

Carman said he heard a knock on his door last night. The flag was missing, and a note was left in its place.

Carman says stealing the American flag was not the best solution to disagreements.

I hate to say it, but nobody came and knocked there to find out why we were distressed, he said. I think a better statement for them would've been to put it right back up and re-flown it correctly. That would ve been a better statement on their part, instead of being thieves.

Carman plans on buying a new flag, which he ll fly upside-down until the first of the year. If that one s taken, he ll buy another.

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