SPOKANE -- A Whitworth University student, determined to attend her cousin s Manhattan wedding on Saturday, was stuck in Spokane after travel delays made it impossible to get there.

First, Megan Hinzdel had to shuffle flights. She even tried changing her destination airport from LaGuardia to JFK.

Next, Hinzdel s car rental service fell through, and the price to rent a taxi shot through the roof.

She was able to keep her hotel reservations, but booking agents warned she may have to go without water and heat.

I was like, okay I can deal with no hot water. That's fine, but I was trying to figure out how I could get from the airport to the hotel and there was just nothing, Hinzdel said.

At one point, even the bride and groom weren t sure if their wedding would even happen. The venue did not have hot water or heating the day before the wedding.

In the end, Hinzdel was not the only guest who could not make the trip.

But the two people who needed to be there were there. Now the happy couple has a story to tell, and a very memorable start to their marriage.

Hinzdel said she did not get her money back from her cancelled flights, but she does get to keep her miles.

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