EDMONDS, Wash. -- An Edmonds police officer faces a felony charge of sexual misconduct and is now under investigation for alleged molestation.

Officer Daniel Lavely was arrested six months ago for the alleged sexual misconduct. Lavely will be arraigned on the sexual misconduct charge this coming Tuesday.

The prosecutor on the case said the reason it took so long to charge is they have to take the greatest care and diligence gathering witnesses and evidence in cases of this nature.

Lavelly has been on paid administrative leave since the allegation surfaced back in May. He's accused of picking up a woman from Andy's Motel on Highway 99. She was a woman he had stopped for jaywalking earlier in the night.

Prosecutors said he took her to a secluded parking lot behind the Burlington Coat Factory and had sex with her while on duty as a police officer, and wearing his department issued uniform and carrying his department issued firearm.

Prosecutors said they found several witnesses and pieces of evidence that confirm her side of the story and contradict his version of his whereabouts that night.

Lavely is also being investigating for molesting a relative years ago when he was in the Navy. NCIS is handling the investigation. It's unclear where that crime took place, but prosecutors said it was not in Snohomish County.

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