TROUTDALE -- An explosion caused a fire to break out in the garage of a home in Troutdale Saturday, and one man was taken to the hospital with burns.

Authorities are calling the home at 1494 Southwest Hewitt Avenue a crime scene and investigating what caused the explosion.

We transported one person to the hospital and that patient we're not quite sure what his relation to this residence is, said Mark Maunder, Battalion Chief with the Gresham Fire Department.

Neighbors said they heard a loud boom that came from the garage and shook the whole house around 11:45 a.m.

Julie Ugarte was outside the home and saw a man stumble out of the garage. She put a blanket on him after he fell in the front yard.

He did appear to be in shock, and was saying things that didn't appear to make a lot of sense, she said.

When flames first broke out, neighbors tried to break down the door and use a garden hose to put out the fire. The heat grew too intense and they were forced back.

Coincidentally, there was a dramatic house fire two doors down in September where a 7-year-old boy was rescued from the second story window.

Some of the same people involved in the rescue helped the fire victim Saturday.

Teen saves neighbor boy in Troutdale fire

Authorities were investigating the cause of the fire and did not release any more information.

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