SPOKANE -- A Spokane woman whose identify was stolen by a serial thief wishes she could start all over with a new Social Security number.

Without her knowledge, Jessica Frangione had ten credit cards opened in her name and thousand of dollars of debt in a matter of three weeks. Her private information was used at stores like Verizon, Macy s and The Children s Place.

Frangione did not know anything about the purchases because the thief directed all the bills and purchases to his personal address. She said she was tipped off after receiving a letter from a company informing her about a credit card she never opened.

Spokane Police arrested 24-year-old Michael Clarke Jr. for the crime. He is charged with forgery, theft and money laundering.

Frangione is now left to clean-up her credit mess caused by someone she has never met.

We don t have any idea how he got my information. He got my mother s maiden name, and my address. He knew all of my previous addresses, my work history. He knew all of my information, Frangione said.

Investigators are building a case against several others and expect to make more arrests in what is believe to be a multi-state identity theft ring.

Frangione is now paying $30 a month for a service to monitor her credit so this does not happen to her again.

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