Have you had it with your teenager's back talk and disrespectful behavior at home? Yeah, I know the feeling. It s like someone comes along and flips a switch, turning our sweet, fairly obedient adolescents into fire spitting teenagers.

Why are today s teens so sassy? It s because we don t spank them, according to Child Psychologist Anthony Wolf. In his latest book I d Listen to My Parents If They d Just Shut Up Wolf tells us how to reign in all that back talk. He says the fear factor is clearly missing in today s parent/child relationships. For instance, my mom had the look. I knew what it meant and I knew not to mess around when she gave me the look unless I wanted the belt to come out. That was fear and it worked.

Wolf is not suggesting we go back to the days of paddling kids when they misbehave. His easy to read, common sense book lays out a few clever tools parents can put in their pockets to help beat this bad behavior. Click on the video above to watch our interview.

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