PORTLAND, Ore. -- Fans of Portlandia, get ready for another season of parody.

Show creator and co-star Carrie Brownstein, in an interview with an Australian radio station, says IFC has picked up the show for a third season.

The show, shot in and around Portland, has developed a cult following and includes send-ups of the city like righteous bike riders, a feminist women's bookstore, and a crafty couple that pickles things and 'puts a bird on it.'

The show features Brownstein, formerly a member of the local band Sleater-Kinney and now performing in a new band Wild Flag; and Fred Armison of Saturday Night Live.

Brownstein shared the news during an interview on the Triple J show while on tour with her band in Australia.

I don't know if I'm even allowed to say that - you are literally the first people to know, Brownstein said in the interview.

The final episode of the second season of the show just aired. IFC has not made any official announcement regarding a third season for the show.

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