PORTLAND -- Several people were injured and the science wing was evacuated after an explosion at David Douglas High School Friday morning, officials said.

Portland firefighters were called in to the school, at 1001 SE 135th Avenue, just before 11 a.m., according to Tommy Schroeder with Portland Fire and Rescue.

When a student turned on the faucet of a sink in the chemistry lab, the water mixed with a sodium metal compound and caused the explosion, Schroeder said.

Twelve people were taken to nearby hospitals and treated for respiratory discomfort, according to Paul Corah with Portland Fire and Rescue. He said several more people were evaluated at the school. He estimated a total of 25 people were exposed to the chemicals.

Fire crews were ventilating the area to clear out the chemical residue, Schroeder said. The affected area was closed for the remainder of the day.

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