SEATTLE -- For 23 days, the Biryukova family has remained almost entirely silent about the disappearance of two-year-old Sky Metalwala.

Nadia, the boy's grandmother, has requested privacy since the search for Sky began on Sunday, Nov. 6. But on Tuesday, she broke her silence in an email to KING 5 reporter Chris Daniels.

Sky reminds me my own son, who s always content and happy with everything he has, even if it isn t much. As long as he isn t hungry, he s easygoing, relaxed and laid back boy. Sky has very adaptable and not easy to upset temperament, she wrote to Daniels, responding to his request for an interview.

There aren t any words to describe my heart brokenness associated with missing my dear grandson. I don t believe that there is a hand capable of hurting my beautiful, precious child. I ll give everything just to hold him in my arms again! I ll never be able to talk about him in past tense - I ll be waiting for his return back to me as long as I'll live! Nadia.

Bellevue Police have provided few answers about the direction of the investigation. Julia Biryukova, Sky's mother, claimed she parked her car at the side of 112th Avenue NE after she ran out of gas. Sky was left in the back seat, and Julia said when she returned an hour later, he was missing. Detectives later drove the car, and found it was in working order, and had enough fuel.

Volunteers and law enforcement officers have searched numerous locations, detectives have interviewed multiple people, and there have been no arrests.

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