SPOKANE -- A coffee shop's punch cards are stirring up attention. Big Shot Espresso baristas posed topless for their customer cards. They have had punch cards since the stand opened with pictures of them sporting their typical outfits such as bikinis.

The coffee stand, located at Francis and Lidgerwood, has been serving up coffee as well as controversy since it opened. Some people were offended by the attire the baristas were wearing, but now it has moved on to their punch cards.

They said for their latest photo shoot they wanted to do something a little different. Some of their regulars said the photo is different but not offending.

We have every card they have. So I don't think they're to the point of inappropriate that they shouldn't be near a school, said customer Callie Toulou.

But others call the cards more than just something to stamp.

That's just inappropriate. If it was OK then you wouldn't be doing this story. So that shows there are some concerns about it, said one woman who was in line waiting to get her coffee.

But appropriate or not, customers said you can't go wrong with free. After 10 punches the next cup of coffee is on them.

The Big Shot Espresso baristas claim the punch cards are tasteful. They said they're not as bad as Girls Gone Wild.

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