COEUR D'ALENE -- New documents filed in a North Idaho murder for hire case reveal how a pipe bomb was crafted to kill two women.

Edgar Steele will go on trail for hiring a hitman to kill his wife Cyndi and her mother. Larry Fairfax admits to installing the bomb, he will be sentenced next month.

The documents show whatwas in the pipe bomb found under Cyndi Steele s car last June, and how it was diffused by the bomb squad. It is all part of federal prosecutor s plan to keep Edgar Steele behind bars.

Court documents show the metal pipe was nearly full with a black, smokeless powder with end caps. Magnets and wire held the bomb in placed under the SUV. Two fuses connected it to the exhaust system, which was built to ignite when heated after a short delay.

Edgar Steele is accused of hiring a hitman to carry out the plan. Larry Fairfax admits he built the bomb to try and kill Cyndi and her mother, but the plan went awry. Cyndi had been driving around with the bomb set to ignite for two weeks when she stopped in for an oil change.

Bomb squad investigators say in order to disrupt the bomb, they brought it to a gravel pit six blocks away. The pit was 100 feet deep and large enough to withstand a high order detonation. Two shots were used to disrupt it, one broke off the end cap and the other ensured the magnets weren t a decoy.

Investigators did not describe the bomb as sophisticated, but it was found to most likely be a fully functioning destructive device.

Cyndi maintains her husband s innocence and believes he was framed. Fairfax is scheduled to be sentenced for making and possessing the bomb next month.

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