BOISE -- A 4-year-old Payette County girl is in the hospital Thursday, being treated for severe burns after she became trapped in a running dryer.

Her parents blame the babysitter. They say the teen fell asleep and was oblivious to what happened.

Just how long Hailey Salsgiver was stuck in a dryer is unknown. However, it was long enough for her to be bruised and burned on her face and back.

Her and her brother and my roommate's children decided, I guess, that it would be fun to play in the dryer. She got in it, somehow the door got shut and it got turned on, said mother Amanda Salsgiver.

As a result, Hailey has first and second-degree burns.

Her parents hold the babysitter responsible.

I am hoping he gets punished for what he has done to my daughter, said Salsgiver.

The mother stepped out of her Payette home on Wednesday to run errands.

She left her kids in the care of her roommate's 19-year-old friend and was on her way home when she first heard of the accident.

He said he woke up on the couch, walked in and found her in the dryer, she said.

Salsgiver said there was no mention of injuries until minutes later.

When he calls again he tells me my two year old son wants to talk to me and my two year old son tells me, Mommy, sissy's bleeding and she's hurting badly, she said.

That afternoon, Hailey was flown to Boise for emergency treatment.

Doctors say the bruises will heal, although the burns will leave behind scars.

I think they should have taken him straight to jail, said father Joey Salsgiver.

Hailey's father hopes the Payette County Sheriff's office will arrest the young babysitter and encourages parents to think twice about who they trust around their children.

Make sure that you know who you are leaving your kids with, make sure that you actually know who they are, he said.

The Payette County Sheriff's Office tells us they are still investigating the incident and don't know if charges will be filed.

Hailey is expected to be in the hospital for at least a couple more days.

She is taking oral pain medication, but is otherwise coherent.

None of the other children that were playing with Hailey were injured in Wednesday's incident.

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