McCALL, Idaho--Due to heavy rainfall, Valley County has been forced to close down some roads in McCall.

Roads were turned into rivers after flooding hit portions of the McCall area hard Wednesday night.

Crews were busy Thursday trying to clean up the debris left from the storm.

Valley County shut down Warren Wagon Road north of Dead Horse Creek because of rain. The road leads from McCall into Warren.

Also closed are parts of East side Drive and Lick Creek Road.

Dispatch says that campers were advised to leave the area.

One family had to be evacuated from their home after thigh-deep water came barreling towards their home.

Never seen anything like this before, said Tony Moss.

Moss surveyed the damage to his home and cleaned up after a flood waters hit the Warren Road area.

It was hectic, I have to admit I mean I didn't get to bed, I don't think I got to bed last night. At 4:30 in the morning I was still out there checking the water over the bridge. I've been here 36 years and never seen anything like it, said Moss.

McCall Fire Department Chief Andrew Lemberes says crews were dispatched after the bridge on Warren Wagon Road became clogged with debris from swift run-off and quickly jumped its banks spewing water over the road and right into theirfront yard.

Had lots of debris, lots of logs, Volkswagen size boulders coming down, said Lemberes.

A trench is what's left of the Moss family's driveway. They spent most of the night up, worried about this storm and worried that there could be more rain on the horizon.

We're worried about tonight and we're worried about tomorrow night, supposedly there's a storm coming in tomorrow, and I'm going to leave all the sand bags and all the filth and everything else that's around the house like it is, because I got a feeling we might be doing this again tonight, said Moss.

Crews continued to work late into the day Thursday trying to clear the debris fromthe bridge.They say if they can't clear it, there is a good chance the entire bridge could come down.

Tonight we're worried about the East Side Lake also, apparently the Fall Creek and Lake Creek have washed out the East Side Lake, so it's going to get worse before it gets better, I think, said Lemberes.

The McCall Fire Department has doubled its on duty staff tonight, just in case there is more flooding.

Crews haven't been able to survey the damage on the north side of the lake or check to see if anyone is there because both roads going in that direction are closed.

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