MILWAUKIE, Ore. When some tiny ducklings fell into a storm drain in Milwaukie, JoJo Spencer didn t think twice about jumping in to save them.

Spencer saw the tiny ducklings fall into a storm drain along the busy McLoughlin Blvd. and as the mother duck panicked, he leapt into action. Spencer pulled off the drain cover and reached in, grabbing the ducklings before they were swept away.

Animals deserve to live like everyone else. So I'm helping those little guys out, Spencer said, after fishing the ducklings out of the 5-foot deep storm drain.

Experts said this kind of accident is common for this time of year because the hatchlings follow their mothers everywhere and sometimes fall into holes and drains that the larger ducks can easily navigate. The hatchlings can t yet fly and their tiny legs sometimes struggle to keep up with the others.

Spencer reunited the hatchlings with their family after the rescue and the group continued on its way toward a nearby pond. But then they crossed yet another storm drain and once again some of the hatchlings fell in.

Again, Spencer jumped into action and saved the ducklings. But this time, he herded them to the pond himself, making sure they avoided any additional storm drains or other obstacles.

This was the second duckling rescue in as many days. Monday along Interstate-5, an ODOT worker and a jogger saved a family of ducks that had wandered into traffic. Unfortunately, those ducklings were struggling to recover at the Audubon Society of Portland, after getting extremely cold during the rescue.

Audubon Society officials said their facility has been inundated with ducks and other rescued birds in recent days.

We re getting box-loads a day, said Karen Munday, with the Audubon Society.

She added that the Audubon Society will take any birds that are brought to them, but they advise people to leave the animals along if at all possible, unless they re in immediate danger.

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