Video: Glass company shatters Mukilteo woman's dream

Kelly Hesby from Mukilteo wanted to upgrade her bathroom.

Part of the job was a new steam shower that required custom glass doors so she paid Tony Hargitt of Everett's Clear Solutions Glass Company half of the $1,800 bid to get started.

"He just sounded like he could get the job done really quick. She had a supplier who could get the glass in a week and then install a week after that," said Kelly.

That was on June 26. More than 20 calls later, Kelly's beyond peeved.

"The most frustrating part is being ignored," she said.

Kelly then resorted to having one of her friends call, just to see if Hargit would pick up the phone.

When he immediately called her friend back, Kelly answered the call.

"And I said 'hey Tony you're pretty good calling back on new business where you are going to get a deposit, but you can't call anyone back who's left four messages in the last couple of days, including one just a few minutes ago.' He was pretty dumbfounded and he pretty much came unglued on me," said Kelly.

Kelly contacted us and we spoke to Tony.

He did go back to work at the Hesby home. He hung the door and then brought the back panels and then decided to give the Hesby's all their money back and let them keep the glass while someone else has to finish the job.

Kelly says the deal is more than fair.

"I think he just regretted that you guys got involved and kept hounding him," she said. "I think that's the part he's sorry about and I think he's glad to be done with us also."

When it comes to paying a contractor for your home, Make sure the deal calls for installments.

A little bit at a time guarantees you get at least something for your money.

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