ELMA, Wash. -- Just when Jim Jacobs and Cassier Zievers didn t think their road trip could get any worse, their luck changed.

Last Friday the Elma couple got their second flat tire within a week on their pop-up trailer.
Since they didn t have a spare, they had to leave the trailer on the shoulder of I-5 south of Chehalis.

When they returned the next day, the trailer was gone.

I said, Cassie, look there s a scrape mark on the road, said Jacobs.

When the thieves dragged the trailer away, it left a mark on the freeway.

Jacobs and Zievers were able to follow the scratch marks about eight miles to a rural Lewis County property, where they found the trailer.

I couldn t make this crap up. I really couldn t, said Jacobs.

Lewis County deputies were able to return the trailer to Jacobs, but no suspects have been arrested or identified.

While police returned the trailer and the boat it was carrying, Jacobs said the thieves took his camping and hunting gear.

He d like them arrested and hopes to get everything back.

What comes around goes around, said Jacobs.

Anyone with information about the theft is asked to contact Lewis County Crimestoppers.

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