KENT, WA - A Kent homeowner got a rude awakening Thursday morning when a man crashed into her living room, stared at her family, then simply drove off.

He came around, airborne here and went through the window, Renee Keller said.

Keller had been resting in her bedroom when she heard her daughter-in-law screaming from the other side of the house.

He was sitting right here in his truck looking at her, Keller said. He just backed up and took off.

Witnesses said the man was in his early to mid '30s, medium build and was either bald or had very short stubble on his head. He was driving a light gold Ford Sport Trac.

The damage to the house's structure was more than $4,000. Keller was still adding up the value of the antiques that were also damaged.

If he would've just stayed and just took it like a man, we would've all just fixed it and said 'oh, you made a huge mistake and gone on, said Regina Keller, who is Renee's daughter. No one would've held a grudge I think.

Both women are trying to keep a positive attitude about what happen but believes things will come full-circle.

Own up to what you do because what goes around will come around, she said. Maybe later in life he'll be sitting having a cup of coffee and somebody will come through his window and say hi.

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