SEATTLE -- After a month-long investigation, Washington State Ferry officials publicly admitted they had no knowledge a deckhand was a convicted sex offender.

The ferry system released a report and recommendations Wednesday to prevent a case like Steven Dailey's from happening again.

Dailey may have found a way to hide his crime from the ferry system, but he did not hide a long list of complaints against him from female passengers and coworkers. The Port Orchard man's personnel file reveals a lengthy troubled history with the Washington State Ferries.

When he was hired in 1999, he applied for a merchant marine card with the USCG requiring a criminal background check.

In October of 2004 was the first sign of trouble. A passenger witnessed contact between Dailey and a young girl that made her uneasy. He was instructed to cease contact with girls and female passengers.

In July of 2006, another passenger complained that Dailey stares at her, tries talking to her, notices she changed her hair color. He was counseled on his behavior.

In October 2006, he was accused of vulgar sexual comments to a female co-worker. Dailey admitted to being overly friend with female passengers and fellow employees. His supervisor called it predatory behavior, gives Dailey a written warning, and orders him to cease and desist any non-work conversations with female employee.

In June 2007, a coworker noticed Dailey sitting in the cabin talking to a female passenger almost the entire crossing. He, again, was counseled on his behavior.

In November 2008, he renewed his merchant marine credential from the US coast guard.

Outside of work, in December of 2009, Dailey pleaded guilty to possession child porn at home, is sentenced to 30 days in prison, 10 years probation. He used a combination of vacation, holiday, and unpaid leave to hide his imprisonment.

In May of 2010 he registered as a sex offender in Kitsap County, but no one informed the ferry system.

In January 2011, a passenger complained about a verbal dispute with Dailey and accuses him of hitting his windshield.

More than two years later, in September of 2013, the US Coast Guard contacted Dailey's probation officer, who informed them Dailey is in compliance. The US Coast Guard then renewed his merchant marine card again.

In June of this year, a coworker complained Dailey makes inappropriate comments about young girls. He again, was counseled on his behavior.

Finally, last month, a co-worker witnessed Dailey taking pictures of young girls and calls police.

The ferry system re-assigned him to his home until further notice. Dailey was taken into federal custody for probation violation, and commits suicide behind bars.

The Deputy Secretary of Transportation wrote a memo Wednesday, calling it troubling that the ferry system did not become aware of his conviction until four and half years later. He instructed staff to meet with the USCG and the US Probation Office to avoid future incidents.

When asked about the long list of complaints against Dailey, the ferry spokesperson said many of them were handled within the vessel and not passed on to human resources. That process is also under review.

Steven Dailey timeline from WSF

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