New data out is getting a lot of attention. Just five minutes of running each day may help improve your health and prevent heart disease. Turns out, every step may count.

Here are some ideas for how to stay in-shape and make fitness a part of your life:

Exercising While Parenting

  • 2008 recommendation: 30 minutes exercise most days
  • Less than half of adults get this recommended exercise
  • Exercise does improve health, weight control, academics for students

Journal of the American College of Cardiology Study

  • Tracked 55,000 adults 18 and 100 years of age for 15 years
  • Runners had lower risk of death, lived longer
  • Speed, frequency, number of days running didn t make a difference

What We Need To Know

  • When time is short, hit the pavement, even if for 5 minutes
  • Short bursts of exercise are beneficial to the heart
  • If running isn t your thing, find another activity you love!

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