We're all familiar with the growing number of airlines fees, but now airport security is also going to cost you more.

Starting Monday, TSA fees for nonstop, roundtrip flights will jump from $5 to $11.20. That fee also applies if you have a short layover, but if you spend more than four hours at a stop, you'll have to pay $5.60 for each leg of the trip. So long layovers could wind up costing you almost $23 in TSA fees. For one person that may not be much, but if you're a family of four, that's almost $100.

This fee increase is coming right in the middle of the peak of summer travel season. It could not have come at a worse time. This is when families are flying on vacation and they are the ones who are going to be hit the hardest on this, said Mark Orwoll of Travel & Leisure.

TSA says fees are increasing to make up for other cuts by Congress, but the extra money won't mean you'll see an improvement in airport security. Instead, Congress is using it to offset some of the overall federal budget deficit.

So book your travel before Monday and start saving a little extra for your trips because the government is considering more travel fee increases in the future.

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