ENTIAT, Wash. -- Dozens of firefighting crews poured through Entiat early Monday to continue a nearly weeklong battle.

The fire started last Tuesday. Since then, 1,041 people have been working to put out the blaze. Firefighters have been working to cover more than 22,500 acres. As of early Monday, 25 percent of the fire was contained.

Bob Whitehall has lived in the Entiat River valley his entire life. In 1989, a flash flood wiped out the valley and his land.

It was quick and fast, he said.

A large wildfire the year before burned all the trees and grass. When heavy rains came, the soil had nothing to hold it together, nothing to stop the water rushing towards the river - just like this year.

This time, there s no logs left on the hill. The brush is gone. The grass is gone, said Whitehall.

Even last summer, a quick dose of rain created a flash flood near a wildfire south of Wenatchee. It's why Whitehall has asked fire officials to start erosion protection now.

They re way more dangerous. The fire, you can wet things down. Keep your home protected. Those floods, once that builds up that much water and debris behind them, you can t stop that.

But so far, nothing - incident managers are focused on the fire.

Passing storms produced sporadic lightning strikes. In Mills Canyon, it produced strong winds and light rain.

A little rain's great. But a 20 minute cloud burst is disaster, said Whitehall.

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