SPOKANE, Wash. Shoppers at Shopko said a snake was found slithering around a cash register at the store on Spokane s South Hill in May but that SCRAPS refused to come get it.

Based on the description of the snake from witnesses, some experts said they believed the snake was a python or a boa constrictor. A different expert said they thought the snake was a bull snake and therefore harmless.

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Staff at Shopko said SCRAPS would not come retrieve the snake. They said SCRAPS told them to call Crime Check. SCRAPS said they would not respond to the snake because it was possibly a native snake. Shopko employees said they eventually guided the snake to a nearby field.

A woman told staff that she found a large snake dead nearby the Shopko a few days later. Reptile experts responded to the area to make sure it was the same snake. It was unknown on Tuesday whether it was the same snake.

The picture of the snake attached to this story was taken by a witness as the snake was guided to a field.

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