BOISE -- The Bureau of Reclamation cautions the public to be aware that higher water flows on the Boise River could be dangerous to boaters, anglers, and those walking near the river banks.

The higher flows are due to heavy rain and snowfall.

It's important to note that flows are not expected to hit flood stage this weekend. However, experts say the river will be running at six times its current flow by Monday morning.

That means the current flows of 300 cubic-feet-per-second at the Glenwood Bridge will increase to about 1,800 cfs.

The increases are all part of normal springtime river operations and some routine maintenance on the New York Canal, said Brian Sauer, Snake River Area Office Water Operations Manager.

Our main concern is for public safety, the river is very cold and some riverbank areas could be unstable due to increased moisture.

Click here for real-time data of flows at Bureau of Reclamation facilities in the Pacific Northwest.

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