CANYON COUNTY In the past several years we've heard about companies looking for natural gas in areas of western Idaho. Now, a company is drilling for oil.

The drilling site is in northern Canyon County. Trendwell West, out of Michigan, is trying to confirm what their geologist tests have found, that there's oil in this ground.

In the past few weeks, there s been a lot of work to get the site ready.

Lots of traffic, I'd say for about three and a half weeks, said Jonna Tyler.

Jonna Tyler's property and the construction area touch. She's seen this project take shape.

It's kind of loud at night and the lights are on that and it looks like some kind of NASA space shuttle set up or something, said Tyler.

She and her other neighbors say they have no problem with Trendwell West setting up camp for a few weeks as they drill for oil.

We're not opposed to them looking for oil or gas or anything like that. We kind of hope it helps the economy, said Tyler.

Tyler says Notus could use the help.

Maybe it will boost us so that we can maybe make life a little easier for everyone, said Tyler.

Trendwell West has declined our request for interviews, saying that despite their geologist believing oil or even natural gas is in the ground, statistically speaking, the hole could be dry.

The company has a permit from the state to drill over 5,000 feet into the ground.

A mile is a mile. That's deep when you're going straight down, said Tyler.

Tyler told us someone with the company says this is a $1 million project. That s a big investment, even though the company says it could just be a dry hole.

The last time the state issued an oil drilling permit was in 2007. That hole ended up not having any oil in it.

The company says it will likely be another two to three weeks before they know whether there is any oil or gas under the ground.

When the company is done drilling, a spokesman says they'll tell us what the results are. If there is oil, Trendwell West will work to harvest it from the ground.

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