BOISE-- A Boise man threw rocks at a mountain lion after it attacked his dogs Monday afternoon in the Boise foothills, according to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game.

The incident happened as the man rode his mountain bike near the popular Corrals Trail and Hard Guy Trail just after 2:00 p.m.

That's when the lion reportedly jumped from behind a bush and began mauling the man's two dogs as he trailed them behind the bike off leash. Fighting back, the man began to throw rocks at the cat, eventually stunning the aggressive creature with a larger rock.

According to reports, the man was able to carry one of the injured dogs back to his vehicle, where he found his other dog waiting.

IDFG officers say the man called 911 to report the attack immediately.

Fish and Game educator Evin Oneale said the mountain lion was described as emaciated, and was likely desperate for food.

In years past, we ve had lion attacks on domestic pets in the foothills and taken no action against the offending cat, Oneale wrote in a news release. But this situation is different. When the man approached the cat, it did not react normally; it stood its ground and did not run off as we would expect.

Wildlife officers and a houndsman tracked the cat for about a half-mile Monday afternoon, but couldn't locate the animal. They called off the search at approximately 8:30 p.m.

Fish and Game officer Bill London said the search will not continue unless the mountain lion is spotted again. Having lost the scent Monday evening, any new search would be starting from scratch, with minimal chance of striking the cat s trail again, London said.

Law enforcement officials have posted warning signs at the Corrals and Mitchell Gulch trailheads to alert people of the danger.

Anyone who sees a mountain lion in the area should call the Ada CountySheriff's Office at 208-377-6790.

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