PORTLAND -- A long line of people stood outside the Oregon Humane Society Thursday, hoping to take advantage of the big sale on pet adoption fees.

There's no shortage of cute pets at the Humane Society where staff hope their Home for the Holidays program will mean new owners for 200 animals. They cut cutting adoption fees in half for any cat, dog, bunny or birdthrough Jan. 5th.

However, shelter officials warned that there s a right and wrong way to give a pet as a gift and animals should not be a surprise.

We want all the family members to come in and share the love and make sure it s the best possible match, said David Lytle of the Oregon Humane Society.

OHS wants future owner to test if they are compatible with the animal first by coming in and meeting the pet first.

The Johnston family is considering another cat. They just moved from the country to a subdivision.

[I want] a playful cat that likes dogs and other cats and a lap cat, said Nate Johnson.

The three Johnston kids became part of the process of an early Christmas gift from mom and dad.

Lytle said if you don't want to reveal for your plan for a pet before the 25th, there is another way to make a pet a present.

The best thing is to find a pet and put it on hold and then tell the person I've got a pet with your name on it, Lytle said. Then come down and see if they get along.

You can make it happen with a gift certificate, and like the Johnstons who found a new cat named Sheeba, you can go through all the steps and make sure they're compatible.

[Sheeba] reminds me of how playful all of us can be and how she's shy like when we first moved [here], said Cameron Johnston of the family s new cat.

December is the shelter's busiest month of the year. But Christmas won't end the rush, even the Humane Society relies on post-holiday sales.

The day after Christmas every animal in the shelter is 50 percent off, Lytle said. The sale only happens once a year.

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