SPOKANE, Wash.--People all across the Inland Northwest woke up Sunday morning to snow.

KREM 2 News spoke with people who live on the South Hill. Most of the people were excited about the snow and said they were actually hoping for more.

A light dusting of the snow stuck around through Sunday afternoon in a Brown s Mountain neighborhood.

I had some fun with my dogs this morning in the snow, said Ben Conner.

One resident was not happy about the snow. She was thankful when the snow began to melt.

I am happy because I have a lot of leaves to rake up and get under control and it's so much easier to do it when there isn't snow on the ground, said resident Suzanna Harris.

One 7-year-old boy was disappointed when he saw the snow begin to melt.

I was sad because we didn't get to play in the snow and I was going to cover my brother in snow, said 7-year-old Wyatt Lee.

Another Spokane resident said he is excited for snow but hopes to see most of it on the mountain.

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