SPOKANE, Wash.--Two different women in two different cases have faced the consequences recently for kicking officers in the groin in the same week.

Court records show this type of incident happens often.

There's people out there who don't cooperate with law enforcement, said Deputy Craig Chamberlin with the Spokane County Sheriff's Office.

Police responded to the home of 51-year-old Kallyn Williams for a report of domestic violence. One officer wrote in his report that Williams hit a sergeant in the groin area. He also said Williams was digging her finger nails into the sergeant s wrist when they tried to control her.

Yes it's a reality of the job, sometimes when things happen without any preconceived knowledge, you know if you are kicked as a man in the groin area, it obviously greatly impacts your ability to take that individual into custody, said Sergeant Lydia Taylor with the Spokane Police Department.

Statistics point the majority of groin kickers as being women. Area law enforcement said they are prepared for that type of confrontation with any unruly suspect they deal with.

We're trained in everything from having to use arm control to deadly force and everything in between, said Taylor.

Williams was sentenced to three months with credit for 30 days that she already served for her rash of violence that night. It is a felony to kick an officer or deputy in the groin area.

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