KENMORE, Wash. -- Researchers at Bastyr University in Kenmore are trying to find out if saunas can actually help our bodies shed chemicals.

Dr. Jason Allen and his team are checking toxigen levels of volunteers before and after they spend up to a half hour in a sauna.

Allen said very few chemicals actually seep out of our bodies in sweat, but by heating up our bodies, our circulation increases to areas where circulation does not occur. He said this activates fat cells that harbor chemicals and moves them through the body. Allen is trying to find out if there is a way of removing chemicals from bodies during that process.

Allen said if those chemicals can be removed, it could lead the way to preventing or stopping the spread of diseases.

He said that possibility is a long way down the road, but for now he needs volunteers to help him find out if detoxification is possible.

Those interested in volunteering should contact the project at or call (425) 602-3415

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