ADAMS COUNTY, Wash.--- Former Scootney Springs Elementary School teacher, Lisa Davis, pleaded not guilty Monday afternoon in court to molesting a 10-year-old boy.

Prosecutors in Adams County filed documents Friday detailing why a former elementary school teacher is accused of molesting a student. Prosecutors charged Lisa Davis, 48, with one count of First Degree Child Molestation.

The former teacher is accused of molesting a 10-year-old student. Police said the alleged victim was in Davis reading class at Scootney Springs Elementary School in Othello. School District leaders said Davis resigned following the accusations.

Court documents stated that detectives interviewed the alleged victim and numerous witnesses.

School District leaders received information indicating possible inappropriate conduct between 5th grade teacher and a student on May 30th. The Human Resources Director from the O.S.D. contacted police the same day.

Investigators learned that Davis and the boy spent a lot of time together and spoke frequently on the phone. David took the boy to out of town movies and gave gifts to him and his family according to court documents.

The alleged relationship between the teacher and boy began in 2012 and continued until 2013 according to investigators. Police stated that the relationship ended when Davis husband called the alleged victim s father.

Her husband asked that the child stop calling Davis.

Authorities interviewed the boy on May 31st, 2013. He told authorities that Davis kissed him and touched his genitals. Court documents stated the boy touched Davis breasts. The child said the incidents happened in her classroom and at a house belonging to Davis friend.

Court documents detailed that the boy and Davis were at the friend s house days prior. The friend was out of town.

Davis admitted to the behavior on May 30th according to the court documents.

The filing stated that Davis told her husband, three adults son, and daughter-in-law that she participated in inappropriate behavior with the victim. She admitted to kissing the boy and touching his genitals according to the court documents. The filing said Davis confirmed that the boy touched her breasts too. Davis claimed the touch happened two or three times according to investigators.

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