SPOKANE, Wash. A man in West Spokane bought what used to be a mobile prostate examination unit and now he wants to use it for a commercial office. Some of his neighbors aren t set on the unit s odd appearance.

Rommel Westlaw has big plans for the shack. Engineers originally built the structure as a mobile prostate examining laboratory.

When Westlaw bought it from a used truck dealer and had a crane drop it on his property at West 8th in Spokane, he immediately got glares from neighbors.

They didn't think it was appropriate to be here for a laboratory, and I said it's not actually being used for that. It's an office, Westlaw said.

Westlaw painted the shack from its original white and blue color to pink. One neighbor called it an eye sore.

They just think it's not the appropriate color. I'm like what color do you want?, Westlaw said.

Westlaw explained the pink color by saying he has a website that covers many legal issues, along with information about breast cancer.

He wants to advertise his website on the side of the trailer.

We painted it pink for the exposure on the freeway because this is I-90 and 195 so there would be a lot of people driving by and wondering what it is, Westlaw said.

He also wants to hire several people to work out of the trailer on the website and use it as a law officer where people can look at free literature for legal help.

Westlaw s next step is to meet all the city permitting requirements. City officials say color is no issue.

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