PORTLAND -- Most people wait until at least driving age to buy a car.

Not a Portland toddler. She picked up a vintage sports car on eBay, much to her parents surprise.

Car shopping? Maybe 18 years from now but definitely not this early, said her dad Paul Stoute.

Several weeks ago, Stoute got an email alerting him that he'd bought a sports car. He was the high bidder on eBay. Stoute knew he didn't bid on the car. But his toddler daughter did.

At just 14-months old, Sorella Stoute had been playing with her father's smart phone when apparently she opened the eBay app. After a couple of taps on the screen, she successfully bid on a 1962 Austin Healy Sprite.

She's always been good with gadgets, stuff on the remote and things, said the toddler's father.

The seller offered to let her out of the deal. But her dad figured, Why not? He paid $202 for the rusted car that won't start.

As long as we can get it running by the point she can drive, it will probably be her first car, he said.

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