LINCOLN CITY, Ore. A 54-year-old Vancouver woman died after being caught in a riptide in Lincoln City.

Rescue teams responded to a report of two swimmers caught in a riptide off the coast of Lincoln City Friday morning.

According to Captain Jim Kusz of North Lincoln Fire and Rescue, a woman and her daughter were caught in the water and another person went in the ocean to try to rescue them.

When we arrived on scene we found two people had gotten out of the water on their own and we found the other victim face down in the water, said Kusz. We deployed one of our swimmers on a jet ski to retrieve the patient.

According to witnesses, the swimmers were beyond the ocean breakers.

We actually had to direct our swimmers to go further south of the scene because we could see a large rip current and we didn't want them coming directly into that current, Kusz said. We had to protect our swimmers.

The other two swimmers were okay, said Kusz.

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