After 105 days, the legislative session is wrapping up in Olympia. A special session is all but guaranteed as the House, Senate and governor's office struggle to find common ground on the budget

Leaders in both the House and Senate seemed to resign themselves to the prospect of an overtime session, with the regular 105-day period coming to an end Sunday night.

Not a lot has been accomplished in this regular session, said Sen. Jeannine Darneille (D) Tacoma, who agreed that it is frustrating.

No matter the branch, no matter the party, few seemed pleased with their work.

As a constituent myself, I'm not happy. As a legislator, I'm very frustrated. We should've got the job done, said Rep. Dan Kristiansen (R) Snohomish.

While several policy issues were passed and a baseline budget was approved, the bulk of the hard cuts and spending will have to wait for a special session. Simply put, there's too big a gulf between what the bi-partisan Senate and Democratic House want to pass.

A spokesman for Gov. Jay Inslee said that no decision had been made on when a special session may start.

This would be the sixth special session in three years for Washington lawmakers.

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