SPOKANE, Wash. -- A special memorial on Friday night honored the Fairchild crew killed in a KC-135 crash last week near Chon-Aryk, Kyrgyzstan.

Capt. Mark T. Tyler Voss, Capt. Victoria A. Tori Pinckney, and Tech. Sgt. Herman Tre Mackey III died while on a refueling mission for Afghanistan war operations.

On Friday, pilots at Felts Field gathered at 6:30 p.m. to honor the airmen in the Experimental Aircraft Association clubhouse. Voss was a member of the EAA at Felts Field.

The local Stearman exhibition team flew the Missing Man Formation with a smoke trail over Felts Field in honor of the airmen.

The formation had four planes flying together until one started a smoke trail and veered west, the direction traditionally signifying fallen pilots.

The group also met in the Felts Field area which contains the experimental plane Voss was working on. The meeting included a moment of silence.

The Air Force also held a memorial on Thursday at the Transit Center at Manas to honor the Fairchild crew. A public memorial is being planned in Spokane County. Details have not been released.

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