BOISE -- Three of the 63 pit bulls rescued from a murder scene at a dog fighting operation in southern Idaho have been transferred to a rescue organization in California, according to the Idaho Humane Society.

The move marks the first step in moving the dogs into the care of people who can rehabilitate them, according to humane society staff.

Spokesperson Hannah Parpart says pit bulls Helena, Hershey, and Granny are headed to Angel City Pit Bulls, a nonprofit rescue organization dedicated to creating a better future for the breed in Los Angeles.

Pilot Peter Roark with the nonprofit Dog is My Copilot organization was able to fly the pit bulls to Los Angeles on Friday.

Unfortunately, the future wasn't so bright for several other dogs.

Parpart said 11 of the pit bulls had to be euthanized due to dangerous behavior.

We knew right from the get-go that there was a group we'd have to euthanize, Parpart said, describing their behavior as hyper focused on fighting other dogs, and saying staff felt they wouldn't be safe in homes.

The good news:Parpart says the humane society is trying to clear about 11 to 12 dogs for local adoption, but most won't be ready to go until next weekend.

We're still talking to people and doing the match-making business, Parpart said.

Those who want to contact the humane society about the adoption should call:(208) 342-3508

In the meantime, the Idaho Humane Society is still trying to find rescue organizations throughout the United States to accept the remaining 40 dogs, which are expected to need further behavioral help and socialization.

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